A lifeline difficult to encounter .. A flower in a crack


Well it is time for another blog message and quite frankly I have no idea what may come out until it appears, but the idea of compassion seems to be writing itself… and my plea is beware of Compassion.

Now hy would one want to beware of compassion. Well Buddha warned us about the eventual decline of Dharma and mentioned that in tht time ideas and concepts of compasion would abound as words, but that this would only be false compassion.

So what is false compassion? It a compassion generated by the mind that has been conditioned socially or by religions to believe that one must show compassion…Well done. How many apparent potential bodhisattvas out there are working with other directed mind thoughts… Think about it for a moment.. The “”I” the “Me” does not exist so how can it have compassion.  A budding Bodhisattva cannot develop vcompassion… To the contrry the potential bdhisattva has compassion fully intgrated in his “being”.

Compassion is just one element of the natural human creature and it is other directed. It is other directed not because some “God” or entity said that it should be that way.  The human creature is naturally other directed because it a natural biological survival factor… It is perhaps the most important thing that separates us from other animals.

But it is not acting with compassion and it is not emotionally projecting compassion it is living compassion each and every moment.

Shan jian


How do you know that your natural system is working correctly with this “compassion?”   Holdon to your hats. The answer is that you do not experience compassion for anyone.  Now that is correct from two points of view… In the first place there is no individual to project compassion to… and second true compassion is so full and so grand that it is directed at all life … that is full life without particular selection.


That is not to say that some apparent individual may not feel the presence of your compassion, but it must be clear that if your compassion is directed at all but in a singular direction that person must just be considered as the vehicle for your compassion to be projected to all living creatures… You must not focus upon the individual.

The question then is does it do any good at all to use the social compassion… Yes, but only  if you wish to continue to live constantly in the Samsaric world of illusion. But if you wish to step outside just for a moment then set aside that social compassion and look deeper inside meditation to encounter the natural which may lie hidden but is within everyone’s grasp.




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