With the intention of writing this blog for a couple of days I find that I can’t get correctly into my blog, so I have no idea how this will turn out.

Anyway let me begin by declaring without the minimum of doubt from both a scientific and a Dharma point of view,,, The DHARMA NATURE is impermanent, that is to say it is potentially always open to change. We saw in the poem presentee in the last blog  the change through evolution of Eohippus into todays magnificent horse ..We saw in the poem that the roots of the ape transformed into man.

This clearly does not imply in the case of the human creature that any change will be beneficial for the natural life force.

For all other species except man the gradual evolutionary transformations have generated great diversity and since that is the main trend of nature all is well and good.

The human creature’s development we can say has been very clearly dentremental to the diversity of life. His Dharma Nature has been stained by the presence of Duality in his mind, due to his great capacity to store and categorize (thanks to words) and the presence of an illusory Identity and a set of subliminal operating complexes that the Aryans called Gunas, the Buddha Temperaments and Freudian theorists Id, Ego and Super Ego.

While the wise men have always tried to let everyone know that Identity is illusion and we should not set too much store by its activity, modern psychiatry and psychology with few excemptions leads us to believe that Identity is to be sought after and that Self esteem is essential… Bad luck for the Modern World.

Okay, allowing such catastrophic impermanence the good news is that although our behavior may get worse as a human creature a major Dharma nature disaster will be along time coming.

Major physical changes in Sparrows within a closed deem pool has been shown to take about seven years. In my lifetime I have seen the physiological change in height from we old world Dwarfs to the healthy Californian giants.

Too bad that the human brain did not develop positively, but that is how it is.

So it must be clear and well accepted that the Dharma Nature of any life force is impermanent … Animals that do not have our remarkable gift of intelligent destructiveness will continue to develop, although their diversity will diminish in proportion to our penchant to kill, for our acquisitive lust and our adherence to the globalization of the human mind.

Let me stop here for the day and look in the next blog …. if all goes well at the BUDDHA NATURE and its potential death, perhaps before our human physical demise comes about.

Shan jian


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