It seems that very few people care about Dharma, that is to say about being a natural human creature that lives in harmony with all other living things.

It is true that hundreds of thousnds do lip service to the theme and would vote for laws that punish animal cruelty… But a vote is an easy thing to cast … you jut put an X in the correct place and slip a small piece of paper into a box.

Then you can forget it for you have done your part. Probably you even have so little interest that you will just wait until you see some footnote in some uninterested newspaper, written by an uninterested reporter … and that is that.

But how many really do anything?  You may support the idea to stop animals from reproducing. there are too many dogs and cats in the world… So I say then we should force all humans to stop reproducing… When the Chinese tried there was international outcry.. It was against human rights… and animal rights , have they all evaporated because an animal does not please us.

Dharma must be displaced always to make room for our likes and dislikes, our greed.  All we really are interested in fundamentally is SEX and all we are really pre ocupied with … if we get all that greed demands is DEATH.  But surprisngly DEATH seems to rise in importance as SEX seems to fade in importance.   But we are ony concerned about OUR DEATH and OUR SEX.  To hell with everyone else.

I think it would be a good idea to project on our televison screens every day.  The number of animals destroyed by our hands … the numbr of species extinguished … the number of trees cut down to provide wood for human greed and paper to increase hisignorane throgh newspapers and books that are nothing more than tools to keep the wheels of commerce running.

Well that is the way it is.. How many dogs are alaughtered today? You have no idea… How many trees have been felled today … how much polution have we individually contributedto today.

And even if we conserve by putting residuals in the right place … you can be sure that someone is making a buck.



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