After a delay here I am again with another attempt to add a grain more of sane Buddha Dharma to the world.

It is not easy, for it seems that in a stained world of great turmoil people want more lightness. It seems that they want to compensate for the voice inside which declares, “there is something very wrong here”.

Of course, they are looking more outside than inside.

I came across a note on the Night Blooming Cereus and thought of all those who sleep soundly at night and never even know that there are Night Blooming Flowers. Then I considered how most people are with regards to the Dharma. They are sleeping when Dharma has a chance to bloom.

I thought then, I suppose by association, of  Zong mi, who declared:

“In essence all Dharmas are like a dream, and from the very beginning nothing is of any consern; mind and objects are intrinsically tranquil, and it is not that they are now for the first time empty. It is because we are deluded about this fact and take things to exist that we perceive matters like prosperity and decay, or high and low status. 

Because such matters may be agreeable or disagreeable, they give rise to feelings such as love and hate. Once emotions arise, we become bound in all sorts of suffering.

But when they are created and as in a dream what gain or loss could there be?”

Of course it is not asy to make this mental transformation of seeing what appears real as a dream.

In Chan practice we develop the five Chan paramiters: Carrying with us like a presence, the experiences of Vacuity, Oneness, Clear Comprehension, Impermanance, and the Force of Life. This takes practice and dedication, but the normal persn not within a Chan mould will have to try to make this trnsition rather like a magicion takes a rabbit out of a hat.

Why not try it… Convert your day to day ramble in Stained Samsara into a  dream… Leave being concerns and an aggitated mind.Perhaps you will  even see the Night Blooming Dharma Flowers.





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