I welcome you todsy to what is considered the worlds ugliest flower, Amorphophallus titanum. You can imagine no dobt why part of the biological name is  “phophallus titanum” , but why, oh why, is it considered ugly.   Perhaps because  the inflorescence’s deep red color and texture create the illusion that the spathe is a piece of meat.                        

  Now certainly the odor is unattractive as it resembles that of a rotting corpse which attracts corpse eating insects (a boon for the flowers polination). It can reacch as high as eight feet which makes it impressive.

But I still wonder why it is considered ugly.

Have you ever gone to a nudist beach’ Have you had a good look at those human bodies. Compared to what is presented there the flower is exceedingly beautiful.

But really we all know that there is nothing that is intrinsically beautiful or ugly… Both are a product of our mind. Yet we chase after beauty like a fly after carrion and we try to make ourselves beautiful.

Women, and now men chase after besuty as a signal that they fear what aging can bring. The peacock has that marvelous tail to attrct the peahen. But it does not cling and crave to that beauty. Nature uses pysiology that is natural to attract, and I suppose that nailing one’s nose and tongue with a metal bar today may be considered a sexual “come on”, though it is called by the more delicate name of piercing.

Is it that nowadays more than even fifty years ago there is a fear that one lacks the natural attributes of attraction for the  opposite (or even the same sex).

I live in the arms of nature and the truth is I have never seen a tree or a flower, a fox or even an ant cry because it feels ugly.

Perhaps the human ugliness is seen as being inside. That cannot be so, of course, although the mind is a great deceiver.  In University I grew up with the slogan “black is beautiful”.  Black is not beautiful, but it is wonderful. It is wonderful that there is such diversity within nature.

I will tell you a little story that points out the folly of human mind distortions.  When I lived in Los Angeles my best friend was a guy called Leroy Miller. He was a spitting image of Sammy Davis Junior and one day visiting his home he told me that on a visit down South he was travelling with three southern friends.  They were, as was pretty normal at the time, stopped by the police. Papers were deliverd and one of the policemen took Leroy aside and declared, ” Okay what are you doing with these NIGGERS”.

So black is not always black.  and justice is seldom justice. And freedom is not always freedom. 

Italians are ugly brecause they are Mafia … Jews are ugly because they run the world and are responsible for our money problems… Gypsies are ugly because they steal .. Immigrants are ugly because they steal our work… Is there anyone who is not UGLY?????

We can’t even let the Amorphophallus titanum be beautiful.

There was a song I learned as a child it was “All things bright and beutiful all creatures great and small; all things wise and wonderful the Lord God made them all”.

I was ten at the time and a Christian (now I am follow Buddha Dharma) and I wondered then “if God created all the beautiful who created the choir boys and the congregation”, who to me at the time seemed very ugly. I also wondered if being beautiful also made what was beautiful also wise and wonderful. I wondered where all the beautiful people were.. and it seemed a pity, because my dog and the bluebells in the fields and the woods were all exceedingy beautiful

Now I know there is no ugly or beautiful, no correct or incorrect, no right or wrong… There is only what is natural in accord with the Dharma.

What about you ???




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