The Gifts of Nature
After the dryness of Summer comes the rain and with that rain appears infinite new life arising from the humidity like this fungus which I discovered today on the trunk of an oak when I was rambling in the woods with our dogs.  A little further on was a great tree  adorned with moss that crept from the base upwards to the top, covering all with a green mantle of velvet. Another surprise awaited me just in front where there was a  fern, small and weak, sprouting from the earth into the free air.

And I saw that one need not go far to recieve the gifts of nature. We have them all here, available for eyes that wish to see, for ears that wish to listen, for nostrils that wish to smell, for the fingers that wish to touch and for the palate that wishes to taste.

Nature provides all; with them we live and die.

They appear out of nothing. They appear out of nothing like a sudden rush of water that streams through the giant rocks of a dry riverbed,  flowing , striking all around until finally fading away in the earth  and there fertilizing with the spark that gives life.


The question is, why are we so blind that we cannot see, so deaf that we cannot hear? Why are all our senses and our minds dead to Nature and only alive to our clinging and craving?


Después de la sequía del verano viene la lluvia, y con ella, aparece una infinita vida nueva más propia a la humedad, como este hongo que he descubierto hoy en el tronco de un roble, bajando por el bosque con los perros. Un poco más adelante había un gran árbol engalonado con musgo que crecía de la base hacia arriba,  cubriendolo todo con su verde manta terciopelada. Otra sorpresa me esperaba justo en frente, donde un helecho pequeño y débil salía de la tierra al aire libre. Y he visto que no hace falta ir muy lejos para recibir los regalos de la naturaleza. Los tenemos todos aquí, disponibles para los ojos que quieren ver, para las orejas que quieren escuchar, para la nariz que quiere oler, para los dedos que quieren tocar y para el paladar que quiere gustar.

La naturaleza nos provee de todo; de ella vivimos y morimos.
Aparaciste de la nada, como un trombo de agua que baja estrepitosamente por las rocas gigantes de una riera empinada, dando golpes atronadores hasta finalmente fundirte en la tierra y fertilizarla con la chispa de tu vida.


One Response to “THE GIFTS OF NATURE”

  1. This is a good question, I hope to provide a good answer. In my daily observations, I ask much the same questions. The answer I beleive is, people are so caught up in the story of I, so self absorbed with their wants needs and their desires, and the dramas of others too. The importance and focus they place on themsevles, renders them unable to see the renewing miracle of the natural world. Unable to appreciate true beauty because their minds have been conditioned with false beauty. Conditioned and unable to see … such is humanity … Thus unable to … be … free. Also, people are so preoccupied, with many things. They don’t know how to just listen and observe. They are too caught up in the noise. They are conditioned to noise and distractions, unable to quiet their minds, to look outside themselves, to wonder .. What was before all this? Before the cell phones, tv and computers, before the noise. I will say this though, I think it all begins at a young age, our conditioning then and what we are exposed to, not only our environment, but thoughts and ideas, beleifs, people, many things. I think appreciation to some degree is learned behavior. I have to thank my father for my exposure and appreciation of the natural world. If I had been raised in the city and never had any way or any one to show me and explain to me the many wonders of nature, perhaps I would be like so many others … blind to the beauty all around me.

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