My Life without “Me”


                                                                                    Dead Nature,  Cezanne

There is nothing either Good or Bad within nature … the dry weeds, the fading bloom of flowers, dead branches.  dog decomposing beneath the soil .. one need do nothing or think nothing with respect to that. It all forms part of the process that perfectly fits in every aspect.

All these weeds, flowers and branches eventually dissapear. The dogs body, its life long gone, disintegrates, the wintercomes and the butterflys that now are “beautiful” no longer exist.
But my life with “me” wishes to retouch Nature and regulate Nature so that the beauty is more permanent.
When i contemplate my life, without me, I see that the process is perfect and it does not require “me” to regulate it.
I see that, to the contray, the “me” is only capable of generating the idea of a Nature that is perfectly beautiful, but in reality is completely dead.
In my version of Nature, weeds never dry up, the flowers never loose their bloom, animals never die and certainly there can be no new life.
to KXS
With all my love and admiration


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