The Blog page title was a mistake, but I left it that way anyway.

But a question well asked, might be, “why did it finally get called The Buddhist Inflorescence Blog?”

It was because the Dharma of the human Buddha Nature is linked to the Dharma Nature of every living thing and since this mind/body is of Chan and Dao, the legend of the flower of a “greater truth” passed from Buddha to his great disciple with a smile, led me to recall the beauty and message of every flower.

In days long gone in the States I was a psychologist and biologist and those disciplines are dear to me so there is a complete integration with all life.

The flower or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants and their biological function is to play a part in the union of the male sperm ith the female ovum to produce seeds.

The process begins with pollination. This is rther like the melding in Buddha Dharma and Dao of the female principle programs of  natural and correct programs with the masculine expression of pure cognition.

That is followed by fertilization leading to the formation and dispersal of seeds.  This reminds me of the seeding of correct and natural behavior within Stained Samsara.

The beautiful grouping of flowers on a plant is called INFLORESCENCE and for me is a visual expression of the life force.

And so each inflorescence is for me a set of Dharma Jewels, Dharma Truths of Chinese Chan Dharm and Dao that I will try to share as best I can hoping that readers may see beyond te words to the true expression beyond.

Shan jian


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