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Recently I saw on television a series of videos of zebra and gnu making a journey northwards to Kenya. During this journey tey crossed a river, impelled to do so for survival. The river was full of crocodiles. They wainted and then two experience females began the crossing and theherd followed first the zebra then the gnu.

The crocodiles, answering their survival call ttcked where they could and a few corpes floated down stream to waiting vultures.  Survival was central  with all.

Often when we see such vidoes we are shocked by the violence within nature and to the contrary when we see herds calmly grazing we feel elated by the beauty. Yet we seldom look deeper.

There is not an animal, except the human creature, that has lost the essence of survival.

Why do I say that? It is because the human creature alone places foremost his or her own survival.

The tribal togetherness has been replaced by an ugly selfishness.

IT seems that once we have managed as human creatures to dominate nature sufficiently so that others are not important to our survival then “I, me, and mine” take the foreground.

Logic allows society and the churches to cry out for compassion, but that is a mental compassion it does not stem from the internal fount.   When will we ever learn… when will we ever learn